Intibuca - Specialty SHG

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Michele Rickitt
Delicious coffee

Great coffee and excellent customer service


The best coffee for drinking black filter coffee. And from an amazing company. Caribe; once tried, there is no other!

john Steward
Intibuca specialty SHG

As I write I am enjoying a cup of freshly ground and brewed Intibuca. What I like most about it is the delicate floral notes without any heaviness or bitterness. It has a light but satisfying taste. I have tried a number of the Caribe coffees but this is my favourite

David Manning
Good alternative to the best seller variety

Chose this variety as the most popular was unavailable. Another very good quality coffee. Definitely a different taste, more citrus but still a tad chocolatey. It's good to have an alternative coffee to choose from and I will certainly order this again in the future.

Adam Calvert
Great company

I have had many different coffees which I love. This coffee is nice but for me not one of my favourites. I have had the cheaper coffee and preferred but this is just my taste. If you like the coffees from Caribe then you have to try as I am slowly going through all the coffees they have