Our direct partnership with the Honduran coffee farm cooperatives allows our customers access to the most competitive prices on the market for this calibre of coffee bean. We have personally visited our partners to ensure their standards match our own and we are proud of the relationship we have developed.

There is so much to consider! The living and working standards of the farmers, the workers and all of their respective families. The farming techniques practiced; planting and harvesting, pulping and drying the beans. The environment, the weather, soil type and altitude that influences the flavours in your cup of coffee. We also consider the environmental projects the farmers are associated with, all of our farmer's use environmentally sensitive farming practices that allow native flora and fauna to cohabit the land. 

Caribe coffee Co.® works with a cooperative of over 5000 farms, each individual farm offers something different. Caribe coffee Co. sources excellent beans direct from these farms and strives for complete transparency and traceability of product. Each harvest comes with a unique farm profile that details your coffee bean's history. You can read about our farmer's HERE.




Lempira producer Anastacio Benitez receiving his bonus check for specialty graded coffee.


Our Jaguar microlot farmer Jose Maximo Cantarero displays the sign:"Evitemos los incendios cuidemos la fauna" meaning "Avoid fires to protect the surrounding fauna". 



 The patio overlooking Luis Adonaldo Diaz's farm where we source our Microlot Coffee, Ocelot.
Founder Wilmer visiting the farmer Co-operative in Honduras, ensuring the coffee quality and production standard is met.