Our Story


Caribe coffee is a family run business started by Wilmer Carcamo through a love a quality coffee and a vision to improve the quality of coffee that we drink both in our home and in independent coffee shops. 

Caribe coffee exclusively offers specialty single origin beans.

Wilmer was born in Honduras, a beautiful but poor and politically unstable country. His childhood was that of hunger and hand me downs and his first job was at 9 years old carrying concrete after school. He was the second oldest child of a single parent family and looked after his younger sisters when not at school. He always had a drive to seek out a better life and worked hard with his studies despite pressure to leave and work full time and he stayed away from the easy money that gang crime offered.

When he was 20 years old he had worked enough to pay off his mum's mortgage and decided it was time to travel. He moved to the Cayman Islands where he started work as a night shift shelf stacker in a supermarket. His hard work and happy demeanour was soon recognised and at 23 he was enrolled onto the management programme. He became the youngest and fastest rising store manager and was recognised as instrumental in the development of service strategies and staff development across the stores. 

In 2014 Wilmer met his future wife Elle, an ex pat who had travelled to the Cayman Islands to work after completing her MBA. Elle was born in Northumberland and, after doing an undergrad degree in Edinburgh, worked in the Veterinary Industry until finding her love of business and gaining her MBA at Durham university in 2013. She saw an oppurtunity to live abroad and take a break after finishing her dissertation and jumped on a plane. She fell in love with salsa and Latino music and met Wilmer through a mutual friend. The two knew immediately it was the real deal and married in 2016 with a wonderful future in what seemed like paradise. 

Sadly life changed after finding out that their son was born with a rare genetic condition that would need life long support and the couple decided to move to the UK where they would get the support from Elle's family. After being apart for months through the Visa process Wilmer arrived eager to provide much needed support for his family. Wilmer embraced the cold climate of the NE of England but missed the quality coffee that was a standard in Central America and he quickly saw an opportunity to start up a new business.