Great Beans, Great Coffee......

...that’s all we provide.

Our coffee comes from Honduras, a small equatorial country in Central America. Known for the beautiful flora and fauna thats spans across it’s landscape. More importantly it is an exporter of some of the highest quality coffee in the world.

Specialty coffee such as this has an intense and inviting aroma; it is smooth and full bodied with no bitter after taste.

Coffee quality is affected by the growing environment; such as altitude and soil. Caribe coffee beans are strictly high altitude growth beans at 1500m above sea level; these are known as 100% Arabica.

Caribe Coffee Co. works closely with Marca País, the official Honduran stamp of quality and fair trade in Honduras. Caribe Coffee Co. has an excellent partnership with the Honduran Coffee Cooperatives; allowing some of the most competitive prices on the market for this calibre of coffee bean.

Roasted and packaged in the UK, Caribe Coffee Co. support UK businesses; sourcing packaging and labour locally whilst developing good relationships with the Honduran farmers, supporting fair trade and sustainability.