Copan - Specialty SHG

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Norman Suchorzewski
Very impressed

There two coffees I like the most Peruvian and Hondurion and this Copan bean is right up there with my favourites. Not too acidic, no burnt taste, but a full bodied proper coffee taste. I enjoy every cup and it's so nice, my colleagues at work keep trying to steal it for their Aeropresses. So it must be good.

Mark Conway
Taste is nothing special

I buy locally ground Colombian beans from a local coffee store which tastes far superior to this. I found the grind too fine also. Overall quite disappointing.

HI Mark, thank you for your feedback - always appreciated whether good or bad!- it sounds like you have already found you ideal ground coffee and that's great! As tastes and opinions on flavours etc. are very individual and subjective it makes sense for us, as a business, to provide a coffee that delights the most customers and whilst your opinion is important to us, given that Copan (that we know is graded at 84 by Q graders) is rated 95% 5 stars from customers (this harvest) it would be tough for use to change - your tastes are perhaps more divergent? if you did want to try another one of our coffees it may be worth noting we have smaller sample sizes available as well. With respect to the grind - again we try to provide grinds that suit the most customers but inevitably there will be those who need something more specific to their needs and tend to invest in a grinder.

Cynthia Irvine
Superb cafatiere coffee

Holds its flavour and definitely tastes delicious

David Wandless
Best coffee around.

Love my Copan - Special SHG especially made with locally bought raw milk.
Couldn't drink any other coffee now.

It is important to support local business.


I ADORE this coffee! I was a tea drinker until I tried this; now my tea bags are out of date…