Carlos Carcamo


Meet Carlos Carcamo, our dedicated Honduras Field Director at Caribe Coffee Co. With a deep-rooted understanding of the country and its intricacies, Carlos plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless operations and harmonious relationships among all stakeholders.

Drawing from his extensive knowledge and experience spanning 20 years in tactics and special forces, Carlos approaches every situation with precision and decisiveness. His ability to analyze complex situations and make swift, effective decisions has been instrumental in achieving outstanding results time and time again.

During Wilmer's trips to Honduras, Carlos serves as a crucial link, facilitating connections and ensuring that all aspects of the journey unfold seamlessly. His keen attention to detail and proactive approach guarantee that every interaction and logistical aspect is executed flawlessly.

With Carlos at the helm in Honduras, Caribe Coffee Co. can navigate the dynamic landscape of coffee production with confidence and success, knowing that we have a seasoned leader guiding us every step of the way.