Jose Lopez "Microlot PUMA"

Jose is the son of a coffee farmer from the region of El PInar, Guarita in Lempira. His agricultural duties started when he was young as sadly his region did not get access to full time schooling. After second grade, his education was mainly vocational where he learned about basic grains and coffee cultivation. As a young man he moved to farm land his father had given him in Quebrada Honda, although they were planted with beans and corn he changed the approach and planted his first coffee trees. He made a profit from the harvest and bought the land from his father.

Doing well with the coffee, his father allowed him to plant 500 more trees on his land in Matazano, he used profits to grow the coffee farm and maintain his land. Eventually he sold the farm to buy a bigger plot of land in El Zarzal of 279 Hectares that he cultivated to produce several varieties of coffee bean including our Microlot Puma. He has been with the exporter for about 10 years. 

Jose married Irma when he was 18, they have 9 children.

You can read about and buy his coffee HERE.