June Coffee Catch Up

We are very excited to announce we have new 200g bags that are plant based material and 100% compostable (recycling centre - not back garden!). The move from recyclable to compostable follows our ongoing commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.

We investigated carbon offsetting and the arboreal organisations that plant a tree for every sale or a review. We are already committed to net zero in house and as a small business we have opted to focus on helping farms maintain established forests, you can read our explanation HERE


As part of our commitment we've planted wildflowers and set up a bird feeding station at the roastery. We seem to have been adopted by a family of Great tits, 2 robins and several sparrows. The station is opposite our desk area and it's a welcome distraction to accounting! (apologies for the bad pictures!)



And finally if you want to brush up on your Spanish, Wilmer appeared on the Honduran News Channel CHTV. He talked about introducing Specialty coffee from Honduras into the UK and the difficulties he faced starting up the business. He talked about how UK customers have responded well to the coffee and how farmers need to continue developing a sustainable approach because there is a growing market here. You can watch it HERE.