February 2022 Newsletter

The second picture in the "Seed to Cup" photo series for our newsletter is our Lempira Farmer Anastacio surrounded by mature coffee trees manually collecting coffee. Coffee trees take many years to grow which ties the farmers to coffee (a big time investment) and has historically meant they were at the mercy of buyer power, large corporate coffee buyers were able to dictate prices knowing that farmers had to sell the coffee and were unable to diversify quickly to avoid poor prices. The core of Specialty coffee is to give the power back to the farmer; creating more individual coffee flavours in each of the farms so the product is more niche and less of a commodity. You can read about Specialty coffee HERE.

Small Business Sunday

Back in 2019 we won a twitter competition held every Sunday by Theo Paphitis, you can read about that HERE. Co Founders Wilmer and Elle were FINALLY able to attend the annual event to collect their award and meet the man himself. They also met fellow Small Business winners and enjoyed presentations by Dragon's Den business Tiny Box Co. CEO Rachel Watkyn and Dragon Touker Suleyman.


We now have 100g samples available on our website if you wanted to try something from our range. You can access the page from HERE.

A new member of the Caribe Coffee Family!

Congratulations to Co Founders Wilmer and Elle on the arrival of their daughter Izel. All are doing well and she is certainly justifying the need for coffee in the office!

The name "Izel" (ee-zel) is of Central American Mayan origin linked to the name Ixchel, a Mayan Goddess. Not to be confused with the turkish name Izel (eye-zil) which is spelt the same but pronounced differently!