April Coffee Catch Up

And here we are in May and we are loving the better weather (not to mention the reopening of life in general!)  Interesting fact, when the ambient temperature warms up we have to adjust our roasting profile slightly as Roasty McRoastface (oven) gets hot much faster! 

We are happy to say that we have secured a new zero waste distribution point. Zilch Weigh House is a sustainable living store in South Shields, they offer groceries and household products without the need for single use plastics, we love their dedication to reducing waste and improving the environment. We also stock our coffee in Buy the kilo, a zero waste store in Tynemouth.


Wilmer and Elle also talked about Decaf and M.A.S.L in their Coffee Facts videos, we think we are getting better at making videos and have lots more to talk about!

Kaleidoscope CFA visited the roastery to capture some footage and talk to us about supporting local business. We were filmed and interviewed as part of the Northumberland County Council campaign "Discover our land" to showcase the wonderful variety of independent shops across our county and help people rediscover a world of quality and choice right on their doorstep. Elle isn't the biggest fan of being in front of the camera but feels it's a good plan to get used to it in case there's future opportunities 😉. Good to know that Caribe Coffee is great for dry mouth!!



Finally we were joined by Jo Morris toward the end of April. Jo is a photographer, videographer and creative genius, you can check out his portfolio HERE. We met Jo during the National Market Trader competition finals in Stratford Upon Avon, back when the world was more social and less distanced. Jo impressed us with his skills and we were keen to have him visit us at the Roastery and help us update our online content. Look out for his pictures across our social media platforms in the coming months.