March 2022 Newsletter


The photo showcased for this month's newsletter is of our Lempira famer Anastacio. In this photo he is manually removing weeds around the coffee trees instead of using chemicals. Farmer's often use machetes or weed by hand if avoiding chemicals. Happily Anastacio was gifted a weed trimmer by you fantastic customers via our #tippingnotshipping campaign.

March has been busy busy busy after our appearance on the telly for Dragons' Den! Thank you to all of our regular customers who have endured longer than usual waiting times for their coffee to reach them, we have processed over 6000 units in the last 2 weeks and have been working 12 + hour days to try and reach everyone. You can read the press release and find links to the show and a post air radio interview HERE.

This month Wilmer also had the honor of meeting and speaking with the Ambassador of Honduras Iván Romero-Martínez. The ambassador works not only as Ambassador of International Relations in the United Kingdom but also as Dean of Ambassadors of Latin America and as the President of International Coffee Organizations of Honduras.