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Stephen Clifford
Smooth dark coffee

I honestly believe this is the nicest coffee I've ever made - darker than your basic house ground but mild and pleasant on the palate.

Mike M

Coffee tasted a little bit weak, correct amount of water used

Hi Mike,
Thank you so much for your review and to get a perfect cup of coffee with new beans is a new experience. We will recommend to use finer grind or little bit more coffee in your brewing as this can affect massively the results.
Our beans are specialty bean and as result of this the coffee is more mellow than (regular coffee beans from supermarkets, other supplier and /or darker roast) so you will need to play little bit the the mix.
we hope this it help you with the rest of your experience.
Caribe Coffee Co team


After years of trying different supermarket coffees then having coffee bought for me as Christmas and birthday presents from other roasters I've FINALLY found a company that produces coffee I enjoy. I came across Caribe coffee by pure chance. We were travelling home from Wallington Hall and when passing the pub the Dyke Neuk the Caribe coffee van came out of the car park. When I got home I looked them up on the internet and now they are the only company I buy coffee from. I've tried several of they're beans and have enjoyed them all but puma is my favourite. FINALLY not only is the coffee great, you couldn't deal with nicer people.

Flavour depends on your grinder.

Too release all those subtle flavours.a quality grinder is a must.a niche zero fits the bill

Ryan Tooes
Puts the "ohhhh yeah" in Puma

These beans pack a puma-sized punch of flavour and refinement. I've only used them in Aeropress and French Press, but they're delicious in both. If you're thinking of buying them then, as Arnie would say "do it, do it now !"