Sustainability Review: Caribe Coffee Co. 2023-24


In 2024, Caribe Coffee Co. has continued to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability through a series of strategic initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact, supporting local communities, and promoting sustainable farming practices. This review highlights the key areas where Caribe Coffee Co. has made significant strides in its sustainability efforts, focusing on our activities in Honduras and the UK.

Honduras Sustainability Initiatives

Caribe Coffee Co. has carefully selected those individuals within our supply chain that carry our vision of environmental stewardship and ethical business practices, essentially the farmers themselves and the exporters. We are proud to report the following achievements by our partners in Honduras.

  1. Bon Green Organic Fertilizer


    • Improved Farming Practices: Honduras partners to Caribe Coffee Co. have delivery 2,000 bags of their organic fertilizer, “Bon Green”, to nearly 70 coffee producers. This initiative has improved moisture retention in soils, enhanced root development, and increased resistance to high temperatures. The result is healthier coffee trees with abundant foliage and better-quality beans, contributing to improved agricultural conditions and climate resilience.


  1. Reforestation Projects


    • Tree Planting: In May 2023, 30,000 trees, including varieties like cedar, pine, sweet-gum, and greville, were prepared for distribution to coffee producers in Lempira and Intibucá. These trees help reduce the greenhouse effect through carbon capture, produce oxygen, purify the air, prevent soil erosion, and provide habitats for wildlife, ultimately enhancing the environmental sustainability of our coffee farms.
  1. Data Collection and Impact Assessment


    • Survey and Evaluation: For the third consecutive year, technicians in Lempira and Intibucá conducted surveys to measure productivity, job creation, and producers' satisfaction. This data us to improve our support, technical assistance, and financial aid, ensuring that our efforts positively impact the coffee-producing communities.


  1. #TippingNotShipping  - CIMA


  • The team at Caribe Coffee Co. also incredibly humbled to learn of Abely Cantarero, a lady leading the work done at "CIMA" Intibucá - Centro Integral Misión de Amor. She works with disadvantaged young adults including those with additional needs, providing a safe and stimulating environment for them to work, crafting natural materials and helping the young adults learning a skill and feel part of their community. This centre allows their parents some respite as well as meaning they feel part of their community. This type enterprise is particularly close to the Co Founder's hearts as they know first hand how challenging it can be to find stimulating and safe spaces for people with additional needs to thrive and be part of something. Caribe Coffee Co. donated 30,000 Lempiras of their #TippingNotShipping campaign funds to CIMA in 2023.

UK Sustainability Initiatives

  1. Compostable Packaging


    • Transition to PLA: Caribe Coffee Co. has adopted compostable packaging made from polylactic acid (PLA), a biodegradable and eco-friendly bioplastic derived from renewable resources like maize and sugarcane. PLA decomposes in controlled environments within 90 days, compared to centuries for conventional plastics. This transition aligns with our commitment to reducing plastic waste and environmental impact.


  1. Renewable Energy Supplier


    • Octopus Energy: We partner with Octopus Energy, which supplies 100% green electricity from wind, solar, and hydro sources. Their innovative tariffs, like the Agile Tariff, promote energy savings and efficient consumption. Octopus Energy’s exceptional customer service, transparent pricing, and commitment to renewable energy projects make them an ideal partner for our sustainability goals.
  1. Community Involvement


    • Youth Climate Change Summit: Caribe Coffee Co. participated as experts at Newcastle City Council's Youth Climate Change Summit, engaging with 85 students to discuss carbon reduction strategies and green job opportunities. Workshops covered energy, transport, waste, nature, and food, fostering practical steps for schools, the council, and individuals to reduce carbon emissions.
    • Net Zero North East England: Caribe Coffee Co. were panelists at an event marking a year since the launch of Net Zero North East England, a partnership aimed at accelerating the region's transition to a greener future. The event provided businesses with practical advice and inspiration to champion a net zero culture.


    • Charitable Donations: Caribe Coffee Co. has donated coffee products to the children’s charity "Northern Lights" for raffle prizes to raise funds and support their community efforts.


    • Repurposeful CIC Collaboration: Caribe Coffee Co. donate all our coffee jute sacks to Repurposeful CIC, a social enterprise in Ashington. They collect reusable materials from businesses and redistribute them to charities, community organizations, and schools for creative projects, reducing waste and supporting local communities. This collaboration helps reduce landfill waste and supports arts, crafts, and technology projects in the community.