Our beautiful county Northumberland

It's looking like holidays abroad this year won't be a first choice for many of us. So our attention turns to what our British counties can offer. We are lucky here at Caribe Coffee Company's Roastery to be at the gateway into Northumberland's beautiful countryside and we like nothing better than exploring the footpaths, bridleways and byways our county has hidden away. 
It all starts with a quick search online to pick out a walk to explore; weather permitting of course! There's plenty of free websites that can give you suitable map and access information. We tend to use footpathmap.co.uk which gives us excellent map visuals; we make sure there's suitable parking nearby (check the weather again!) and set off. We always take our thermos with coffee because inevitably there is always an oppurtunity to stop and rest and to enjoy the surrounds of a silent, looming forrest or a beautiful hilltop landscape view. There's something so invigorating and refreshing about being out in the countryside, that feeling that you're the only people on earth.
Whenever possible we take our little boy Maddox along for the fun, Maddox is disabled and cannot walk so we pack him up a child's rucksack  and we take turns carrying him, he's getting heavy but we don't let that stop us, he loves the sights and sounds of nature as well as grabbing mummy and daddy's hair from his comfy position.
We cannot recommend enough making the most of your surrounding countryside, exploring is fun as well as good for your health!