January Coffee Catch up

It's February already!?

Despite January being a notoriously difficult month for independent business we are happy to report we've had a busy one!

Our team is braving the cold and continuing with local deliveries to get coffee out to our fantastic customers around Northumberland. For those further afield we love you too! Sadly we have had to review our third party courier services after a bunch of "missing" coffee and damaged boxes, please be reassured that if you do have any issues we make it our priority to get your replacement to you and to the few of you that have gone through this with us, thank you for your understanding and patience.

This month, we saw Elle receive a fantastic accolade; entry onto the "f:entrepeneur" #1also100 list. Top 100 is a campaign that celebrates women in business that also wear other hats and Elle is certainly kept busy, you can read more about the award HERE.


We also had a wonderful "hat tip" by the fantastic James Hoffman, world Barista Champion, after we entered his YouTube competition. James Hoffman asked for ideas for video content to play on his video channel and winners were funded to make the video. Although we didn't win we did make it to the top 40 and were offered a mention on his 80k followed twitter account.

OF COURSE Wilmer made the video and we got our mention, more importantly the video covered the difficulties farmers can face in the modern economy and how specialty coffee is helping, you can watch the video HERE. We were lucky to get a small shipment of Palmito's fermented coffee (featured in the video) for us to try and we've had some lovely feedback from our coffee family.


We have also published our 2021 Sustainability Review and is available to read HERE.

Have a great February!