Black Friday Discounts

Yes its gimmicky we know but Black Friday is coming, it's been a tough year so we wanted to extend some discounts to you throughout the week surrounding Black Friday - Starting Now (Saturday 20th November) and ending Sunday 28th November 2021.

For all customers

Get 2 x 200g bags for 50% when you buy a 1Kg bag of any coffee from our retail collection, simply add these to your cart and add the discount BlackWeek. You can buy multiple kilograms and get multiple 2 x 200gs and use this code as many times as you like within the week.

For our email subscribers

We also have some additional discounts on our 1Kg bags of Microlots and other coffees from the collection over the same week. These are exclusive to our email subscribers as a thank you for following us and supporting our business and we will email out the codes on the 20th November, you can use them multiple times throughout the week.

(Please note only one discount used at any one time)