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Copan - Specialty HG
  • De L 62.00
Copan - Specialty SHG
  • De L 62.00


Lempira - Specialty SHG
  • De L 72.00
La Paz - Specialty SHG
  • De L 81.00
Intibuca - Specialty SHG
  • De L 100.00
Microlot Saber
  • De L 112.00
Microlot Puma
  • De L 112.00
Microlot Jaguar
  • De L 127.00
Microlot Ocelote
  • De L 127.00
Stoked Trail Blend
  • De L 93.00


Roastery Choice!
  • De L 154.00


Colombian SPECIALTY SHG-Natural 1,700 MASL
  • L 310.00
Sample Pack (2x100g Compostable Bag)
  • De L 264.00


Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
  • L 316.00