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Our mission is to provide independent coffee shops with excellent quality beans at great value. Adding a specialty bean to your coffee repertoire will impress and increase your customer following. Our business is to work with you to improve your bottom line.  

We provide green and freshly roasted coffee beans directly to your business, our feed back speaks for itself - your customers will love you for using Caribe Coffee Co.

If you are Interesting on importing green coffee beans directly via our DIRECT COFFEE PARTNER'S program, get in touch with us.

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Copan - Specialty SHG WHOLESALE
  • L 2,293.00
Lempira - Specialty SHG WHOLESALE
  • L 2,980.00
La Paz - Specialty SHG WHOLESALE
  • L 2,980.00


Microlot Saber - WHOLESALE
  • L 4,127.00
Microlot Puma - WHOLESALE
  • L 4,127.00
Microlot Jaguar - WHOLESALE
  • L 4,700.00
Microlot Ocelote - WHOLESALE
  • L 4,700.00
Zero Waste Shops 10Kg Bucket
  • De L 4,585.00