Sample Pack (2x75g Compostable Bag)

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Helen S
Great coffee experience

I sampled Copan and Jaguar, two very different coffees but as I add lots of frothy milk to my single shot, found both equally nice to drink. However my husband just adds a bit of cold milk to his double shot. He also enjoyed Copan but with the Jaguar he said it was a good strong coffee that definitely had a kick to it.

Robert Burgess
Nice coffee

Nice coffee, really pleased with it, will definitely be ordering again

Asha Weir
Excellent coffee

This purchase was a gift for my husband for his birthday, so I’m going on what he said. He loves the coffee. It is better, more flavourful and more robust than supermarket bought ones, so he will try the range one at a time to determine which is his favourite. But he’s delighted with his new coffee, so I’m happy.

Claire Linda Billington
Tried a new flavour.

It was enlightening. New fruity flavours with a touch of caramel.

Sample Box

Chose the Microsoft Jaguar & Intibuca SHG for a contrast, one to get me going in the morning & the other as an all day coffee & I wasn't disappointed in either...the Jaguar is rich & strong & the intibuca has a great coffee taste without any bitterness & the service is also excellent, many thanks