Copan - Specialty HG

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Caron Fitzgerald
Great cup of coffee at home!!

This is a really smooth, well balanced coffee - a great daily treat!

Jason Newman
Best coffee I have bought for my bean to cup machine.

I have a bean to cup machine and have been searching for a coffee I like that’s note 3 months old when arriving and finally I can say that this coffee is freshly roasted within 7 days or arriving and as a result the taste and flavours that come from the coffee are exactly as described and it’s by far the best tasting coffee I have found so far so can say it’s a+++ in taste quality and service. Can’t fault it at all. Well worth ordering and I can’t wait to order more. Thanks guys for producing such great coffee.

Stephen Booth
Lovely Coffee, great service.

Beautiful coffee, for fresh roast very well priced. Would highly recommend them. My go to coffee from now on.

R Myerscough

Tastes a little too heavily-roasted for my liking.

Hi R Myerscough,

Thank you so much for your honest opinion

Remember every coffee beans has it unique personality and is very different for everyone.
Saying this will be good if you tried other lighter beans (Sample bag available) to see if something else is better for your taste buds and preferences.

Our Copan HG is smoky and this might give you a hints overly roasted but also is good to know that you prefer probably lighter profiles.

We hope to be able to provide you something more suitable in the future

Madeleine Furminger
Lovely coffee

After seeing this on Dragons Den I thought I’d give it a go and wS vey impressed.