July 2023 Newsletter

June has been steady with lots of working away in the background for the team. We are happy to say our new harvest (22/23) is on its way via sea freight (the greenest way to travel just now) and is expected to be with us at the start of August! Great news that our farmer of "Lempira" Anastacio has harvested another great single origin lot for us this year. You can watch Co Founder Wilmer and Anastacio on one of our videos HERE

Elle and Wilmer have broadcast several more episodes of their mini podcast "Married to the boss", the most recent being their experience of Dragons' Den and what happen after the show aired. Check it out on Spotify.

And just a cheeky brag!! Sam Fender gave us a fantastic signed picture after trying and loving our coffee back in 2020- "The best coffee going" how fab!

Cold Brew

Now that the weather is feeling hotter you may be tempted by cold or refreshing drinks but did you know coffee can be enjoyed as Cold Brew? Cold brew coffee has gained immense popularity for its smooth and refreshing taste. Unlike traditional hot brewed coffee, cold brew is prepared by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period, typically overnight. This slow extraction process results in a low-acid, less bitter beverage that showcases the natural flavors of the coffee beans. Our milder coffee beans are particularly fantastic as Cold Brews, try Lempira (coming back soon!) If you want to learn more about cold brew coffee and how to make it at home, you can check out this comprehensive guide: Cold Brew.


Degassing  - What is it?

Degassing refers to the gradual release of carbon dioxide (CO2) from coffee beans during storage, also known as maturation. When coffee beans are roasted, they undergo a significant release of CO2, losing around 60% to 70% of it, which indicates a rapid loss of freshness. The presence of CO2 in coffee serves as a physical marker of its freshness. Without CO2, coffee cannot be considered fresh. Additionally, CO2 plays a vital role in preserving the flavor of roasted coffee by acting as a barrier to oxidation, which can lead to staleness and degradation of flavor over time. Proper storage is necessary to protect coffee from oxidation and maintain its aromas and flavors. However, excessive freshness can also be detrimental to the brewing process. If coffee contains an excessive amount of CO2 or is brewed too soon after roasting, the high gas volume can hinder extraction, resulting in underextracted coffee with astringent and sour flavors. Therefore, we recommend allowing a few days to pass after roasting before grinding and brewing coffee, one of the reasons we hand stamp the exact day of roast on each and every bag we send.