Helen Parkin

Helen is a lifestyle blogger and refers to herself as a cycling nutcase, she can be found on Instagram @helzbelzi.

Helen loves LOVES the outdoors and when not on a bike she can be found climbing, bouldering or hiking. When she overdoes climbing or biking she can be found paddle boarding enjoying the relaxing effect of calm waters. She posts visually beautiful photos and inspires her followers to get their outdoor gear on and enjoy an adventure.

Helen is never without her thermos and always takes her Caribe Coffee with her given that there’s limited access to coffee shops at the top of mountain summits or on remote trails. She even claims she wouldn’t have completed her West Highland Way hike without her morning cuppa and it’s 100% worth carrying the extra weight!



Helen has been in Northumberland for 3 years, she hasn’t really got a favourite spot but if she had to choose, she would visit Simonside rocks and says “it’s my destressing spot, the views there are stunning and the biking is fun and there’s climbing”.



Coffee wise, Helen drinks an Americano with a dash of hot milk or a flat white.

Her favourite Caribe Coffee Co. coffee is the house blend “Copan” because of its chocolatey notes and boldness. She also loves the Microlot Jaguar due to its incredible flavour (what can we say…it is fantastic!). Helen first discovered Caribe Coffee at Buy the Kilo in Tynemouth, and says “when I got it home and tasted it, I was like, wow what’s this?, then got even more excited when I found out it was roasted in Morpeth”.



We love following Helen on Instagram and Strava and love seeing our coffee posted in front of the breath-taking scenery Northumberland has to offer.