Sample Box (2x100g Compostable Bag)

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Julie Wilson
Great coffee

Great tasting coffee, fab customer service.

Caron Fitzgerald
Excellent coffee

A very clean tasting coffee .. would recommend!

Alan Gilliland

Sample Box (2x100g Compostable Bag)

Diane Brooks
Rich and warm

Loved the sample of Microlot Saber. It was rich and warm with no bitterness. One question though, there is no mention of the beans being organic, are they? Saying that it won’t stop me buying more.

The best coffee (so far) I've ever had!

I have been sampling and exploring variations of coffee (independent sellers and supermarkets) for approx 4 years now, so I wouldn't go as far as labeling myself as a coffee connoisseur, however, this coffee (to date) is by far the most superior of all I have sampled.

My reasoning behind this statement is that I feel, all the love, attention and efforts Coffee Co. have put into obtaining and producing the best coffee (e.g., freshly roasted), shines through when you taste the coffee itself. I feel that because the guy's at Coffee Co., are so obviously passionate about coffee, this then produces some of the best coffee I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.

In addition to this, the compostable bags the coffee is supplied in to me, is of most importance. Environmental impact is a topic close to my heart, and I feel the choice to use this material reflects the high values that Coffee Co., have.

As Coffee Co., grows I do hope they don't (ever) lose sight of their respectful high values, morals and passion in producing such a wonderful drink, for as long as this remains, I will forever be a lifelong loyal Coffee Co., customer.

Thank you guys!