Jose Erasmo "SHG Natural Produce"



Our Natural produce farmer is Jose Erasmo, he owns and runs the single estate  in Cofradia, San Miguelito, Intibuca.

When he was young, Jose's parents had to enroll him several times into first grade as he kept skipping classes. After third grade he point blank refused to go and he asked his father for land to start his own farm! He excitedly planted sugar cane and would eagerly check his plantation everyday until the harvest season. He made a profit and bought work shoes and fencing to maintain his new business. He learned about coffee farming from his brother but it wasn't until he was older that he changed to farming coffee. 

He married at 25 and moved to a small area of land with very little. They built their own Adobes house (mud bricks) to save money to invest in farming. His friend gave him his first coffee seeds to plant. Since then Jose has worked very hard on small plots of land to grow some exemplary coffee. Specialty coffee has allowed him to improve and expand the business (and the house!) as well as invest in technology such as pulping machines . He has worked with the exporter since 2010 and is growing his family business.

You can read about and buy Jose's coffee HERE.