October 2023 Newsletter

We love autumn! It's that time of year when coffee drinkers can really enjoy the cosy morning coffee. For us here at Caribe Coffee HQ we are blown away by the quality of the Copan this harvest, medium coarse grind in a cafeteria. Elle warms up her oat milk and shakes it up to get a frothy coffee and Wil has it black with one sugar. It really is  a joy to be involved with such a fantastic quality of product that returns such fantastic feedback.

Anyway, enough about us, it's also the time of year when Specialty Coffee roasters gripe and grumble at the notorious P.S.L. (pumpkin spiced latte). It's artificial and calorie dense due to so much sugar (7 1/2 grams in a grande) but our main issue is the poor quality of coffee used. And of course...It's NOT coffee It's dessert!! (We have no grace when PSL is involved!).

Keep your eyes open for a mid month special Halloween blend! We are currently in the coffee lab trying different profiles and have some ideas we want to share (as well as some holiday themed names!!!)

September was a busy month away from the roastery with Max, the son of cofounders being very ill and causing lot's of stress. He's making a good recovery and we are all pleased to see him home from hospital and back to school! Wil also headed West back to the Cayman Islands (birthplace of Caribe Coffee Co) to see family and warm up his bones in preparation for the colder months in the UK (must've been awful for him!) As an independent, family business these family events happen behind the scene all the time and we are proud that the Roastery Wheels keep turning to make sure our wonderful customers receive their coffee in a timely manner - well done team!