October Newsletter 2022


Seed to Cup.

This month's seed to cup focus is on drinking the coffee!....and what better way to celebrate it than highlight the health benefits of your morning cups (yes plural). According to research, drinking coffee is associated with a lower likelihood of death, which suggests to us there's a chance of immortality here? We couldn't access the original article in the Journal of Preventive Cardiology but hey! we all trust Sky News right?



This month we received 100% 5 star reviews - thank you so much - these recommendations and building trust is so so important to independent business and we massively appreciate you taking the time to write a review. You can see our 100% transparency certificate and verified purchase reviews on the Judge Me website. Slight rant here: Trust Pilot, we don't really use it, we feel its sways negative reviews (human nature) and can be manipulated with fake reviews/unverified purchases. When you register your business however, Trust Pilot creates a page for you anyway, that page is left to be claimed, either by the real business or someone random if they so desire, or left unclaimed. We claimed our page to control the narrative, this is free but everything else you have to pay for (more costs for the customers 🤬). We have recently had 2 x 5 star /100% reviews (woohoo) but when we look on our page our rating is 3.8???!!! So how is this to be? Basically your star rating "degrades" over time, meaning that you have to keep getting reviews or you will slowly become poor rated - regardless of your actual reviews, basically punishing businesses for not using the service, we are not fans. 

Independence day.

September 15th celebrated Honduras Independence day. Honduras was ruled by the Spanish for 3 centuries until 1821, during which time Colonialism massively impacted indigenous agriculture with coffee production. Coffee production changed Honduras and many countries like it, it became a money making machine and the land, economy and even society of these countries were all altered to make money for Spain (in this case, sorry Spain). Years later we still see the impact, the genetics of the spanish colonists as well as the slaves brought to work on plantations centuries ago are prevalent in many of the family lines of Honduran families. Agriculture has changed massively with coffee being one of the biggest exports. Sadly the culture was changed so much it has left farmers without the tools or know how to adapt their land to make food stuffs that would benefit the country. This has also meant that there has been buyer power control of prices. Farmers were the ones to suffer leaving their families, the environment and communities vulnerable to this unfair control. Specialty coffee allows the farmers to create a more niche product and set better prices for themselves - don't just drink unknown commodity coffee, know your coffee and where it's from, even better, know who your farmer is!

CEO Wilmer was invited to London to celebrate with his hon Honduran Ambassador Ivan Romero. Sadly he could not attend this time but what an honor!


Eco Fair.

We were very proud to be part of our local town Morpeth's new market event.

Held in the town’s Market Place and organised by Climate Action Wansbeck, the event gave local traders an opportunity to showcase sustainable products that take into account the need for conserving the planet's resources and there was a chance to hear talks on environmental issues. The event coincided with Great Big Green Week, a nationwide celebration of action on climate change. Catch a glimpse of us on the media coverage.

Product of the Month.

To our email subscribers who receive our Product if the Month discount, although we say the discount is a way to thank you for enduring our newsletter email every month - please feel free to pass the code onto coffee lovers in your circle, and did you know you can use the code all month, as many times as you like! Whaaaaaaat?!