July Coffee Catch Up

Customer question: What is Specialty Coffee?

It's coffee but with standards, all through the value chain from farmer to roaster to you it's about excellent standards with respect to quality and sustainability.

The perfect altitude, season, climate and soil are selected for optimal growing conditions. The farmers ensure the land and surrounding environment suits their coffee, a lot of time and dedication occurs before the coffee is planted all the way through to the perfect time to pick.  Farmers chose to offer this product and connect with buyers who prefer this quality because it means their hard work is rewarded with a good price . Specialty coffee is graded at 80 or above on a 100 point scale by a certified coffee taster called a Q grader.

More coffee info - we published a quick guide to the perfect grind size and you can read that here our have a read on our Instagram @CaribeCoffeeCo 

After a fairly quiet start on the PR calender this month, the end of July ended up being busy busy busy.

We headed to the Starfish Yoga Festival on Saturday the 24th and had a great day talking to to the participants about our sustainable coffee vision and paying farmers fairly. We had lots of free samples to give out and had some great feedback. The Starfish festival is ran by Claire of Ayzoh Yoga, this is their first year, we are always keen to support other local businesses especially those involved with health and fitness. Well done Claire for a brilliant turn out and hopefully we'll be back next year!

On the 26th we were visited by a film crew from CPRE "The Campaign to Protect Rural England". Wilmer and Ellie are big supporters of the countryside and their little boy is already on the front page of the website! The CPRE contacted Wilmer to see if he would talk about owning and running a business in a semi rural setting as well as how he sees the UK countryside coming from a developing country. Watch this space, we will post the documentary when it is finished.

Straight after filming on Tuesday Wilmer travelled to Manchester to appear on the Manchester radio show Somos on All FM, it's a Spanish speaking radio station. Wilmer spoke with Cecilia about life in the UK, how well people have responded to his Latino outlook and how Caribe Coffee Co. is providing links from Honduras to Northumberland and the rest of the UK.


Lastly, we had a visit from clean energy MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan to recognise our carbon net zero commitment. It was very encouraging to hear what she had to say, the difficulties SMEs face with time and finances to make these changes was also recognised.....but we can still do it and make a difference!

We focus on sustainability from the very first point of the supply chain right through to our packaging and sales points.
All SMEs can make a difference now! Change to renewable energy supplier, use LED lighting, ask your suppliers what they are doing and start making noise.
Head over to https://www.businessclimatehub.org to make the commitment to net zero now and learn how to start.

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