January 2023 Newsletter

We remember January 2019 when we first decided to sell our coffee retail over wholesale and to to push the stories of the farmers and their hard work all those miles away in Honduras. We started at local markets in and around Northumberland and gave away so many free samples because we were so confident that the coffee loving community would love our coffee and thankfully they did!

This year we look forward to a total upgrade of our equipment and roastery, a trip to Honduras to meet farmers and take all of your tips from our #TippingNotShipping campaign to them and their community. But most importantly we look forward to keeping our wonderful customers suitably caffeinated!

We thank you all for your continued support, December was quite turbulent with postal strikes during such a busy period for us. We so dearly wanted to make sure everyone got their coffee gifts (as well as the regular coffee to drink) on time. But despite us working earlier and later everyday to roast coffee get it dispatched as soon as possible the delays were quite frankly impossible to bypass. We will say as supporters of small farmers and the "little guys:" we fully support the fight for fair wage and working conditions, we love our posties! Thank you to everyone for their patience, understanding and proving coffee drinkers are truly the cool, calm, collected individuals we all know you to be.

Finally if you haven't already seen our advert and mini documentary please check them out (links on the words). Our friend and professional videographer Jo Morris travelled to Honduras to capture the beauty and passion found in the farmers of Specialty Coffee. These humble individuals care about their environment and producing quality coffee for us to enjoy in our homes and we would love for you to know a little more about their story.