February Newsletter 2023

Our front page

This month, we give a nod to the biodiversity we see on the small hold farms we work with. Initially, due to lack of funds to intensify, these small hold farms have ended up being much better for the environment and now, as science has realised the damage monocropping is doing to our environment, these small hold farms can stand tall as ambassadors and advocates for sustainable farming. READ MORE

The Pele, Corbridge

Closer to home, we gained a new partner this month! The Pele in Corbridge is now serving Caribe Coffee to its customers. Open as a cafe and micropub, the Pele is first and foremost a beautiful 14th Century tower once used in defense and as a vicarage. It is full of history as well as being a cosy and inviting place to stop for a warming coffee....or a mulled wine! Definitely worth a visit!

 Nuts about Chocolate

Finally, we are very excited to introduce a new product! Calling all chocolate lovers we have for you ***chocolate covered coffee beans***😁😁. We are working with Nick, an entrepreneur and chocolatier to combine our wonderful Copan beans with his delicious milk, chocolate.

And! for the start of February, customers who buy 1 Kg of Coffee can add a 100g bag into their cart and enter the code "NuttyChocolate" to get a free bag to try. (Please note we have limited number of bags so if the code doesn't work it's because we've sold out!)

You can read about our collaboration with the Nutty Chocolatier HERE.