Coffee in the time of the Corona Virus

This isn't really a blog about coffee beans, it's about being at home. Not STUCK at home but SAFE at home and trying to manage a small business selling coffee at a time where we can't go to markets, provide coffee to retail outlets/leisure service or generally be out there doing our thing.

A good thing for us is that we provide such wonderful, quality coffee that is enjoyed at home and more people are at home just now! Coffee shops are closed, restaurants are closed......normal life is closed! Our online sales are holding our heads firmly above the water and we just want to thank you each and every one of you for thinking of us when you need your coffee fix.

Although we always say a great quality coffee doesn't need milk and sugar, Wilmer has made a video showing you how to make foamy milk so you can recreate your favourite coffee-shop drink at home (with our coffee beans of course!). It's actually really easy to do and you don't need any special equipment so click and take a look!

You may be wondering why we are not at markets? Whilst some markets have closed, others that are more food orientated stay open; technically coffee is a food stuff but we have decided at this time to remove any unnecessary risk to our staff and our customers. As you know our little boy has complex needs, chronic chest infections amongst them, and we are doing everything possible to protect him at this time. You may see Will in videos with his N95 face mask and gloves on as he goes out to get us food once a week, we also have a strict decontamination protocol before he is allowed back in to the house. We hope you are being super careful with your loved ones too so we can all get back to normal as soon as possible. #stayhome