April Newsletter 2023

March flew by! We have been very busy working on some new blends and are VERY excited to launch our April offering! " PACIFIC BLEND" (more later!)

How many member states does the UN have?**

First we wish to congratulate Wilmer our Co Founder and CEO who has gained dual nationality and is finally a British Citizen alongside his natal Honduras. The process takes over five years and requires individuals to be upstanding members of the community who contribute and embrace British qualities such as being kind to others and looking after the environment. One of the tests you have to complete is the "life in the UK test" which most of his British family (Co Founder Elle included) struggled to pass - the title above ** being one of the questions (the answer is 190)- have a go if you think you can! 

Finally, new 1Kg compostable packaging!

Thank to all who endured a return to our very basic 1 Kg starter bags for a wee while as we awaited shipment of the new 1Kg compostable bags. They are finally here! You can read about our packaging HERE.

Coffee Relationships

Having just returned from Honduras where we have met and enjoyed a coffee (or two) with many small hold Specialty Coffee farmers, we found this article very appropriate!

"There are many actors involved in the coffee supply chain. From producers to traders to roasters to baristas, every industry professional adds value to the coffee sector.

However, there are also a number of intermediaries in the coffee supply chain, including those who mill, transport, and export coffee in producing countries. Having a growing presence in Honduras we often get contacted by these individuals.

And while these actors can certainly play an important role, their presence in the supply chain can often mean that producers end up receiving a smaller percentage of the final price of each cup of coffee.

This is especially important to note. According to the International Trade Centre’s Coffee Exporter’s Guide, producers often retain as little as 10% of the final retail price of coffee (FT paywall - sorry!). Conversely, other supply chain actors, such as roasters, often retain much more value.

In light of this, we have seen direct trade become much more prominent in specialty coffee over the years. This is a model which allows producers to work more closely with roasters in a manner which is mutually beneficial. As part of this, farmers can receive higher prices for their coffee.

However, when it comes to “relationship coffee”, there is much more to consider than just paying a higher price.  We work closely with producers towards achieving a shared vision of improving quality, sustainability, and financial security." (- Perfect Daily Grind, full article)

We couldn't say it better ourselves, and, when drinking Caribe Coffee you can rest assured our commitment to serving great quality coffee is matched by our commitment to dealing with our suppliers fairly and like family.

Pacific Blend

Pacific Blend is a specialty coffee blend made from select Arabica beans, chosen for their unique yet complementary flavour profiles. Our proprietary roasting and blending process yields a distinct cup with notes of peach, dark chocolate, and citrus undertones.

Enjoy a cup of Pacific Blend each morning and start the day right after taking in the remarkable flavour.

The name Pacific refers to our Pacific Ocean south of Honduras and the idea behind the blend was to create a coffee like this Ocean were we are trying to replicate the deep, complexity and mystery in the flavours of the blend.

All email subscribers will receive a discount for Pacific blend that will be available for the entire month of April. Link to product.