#SupportLocal - Things to do in the North East

We have been so blown away by the support of our customers over the last 6 months. We have had to move from local markets sales to entirely online, offering local delivery and supplying our customers further away via post, we are keen to get back to doing some face to face at some point. Luckily, this has worked well for us but we are aware many businesses rely on face to face service alone. Where large corporates can weather the storm, our local businesses are having to adapt and fight to get people in to stay afloat. 

We have decided here at Caribe Coffee Company to embark on a monthly team building trip to support out local attractions. Not only is it great for team building and therefore totally justifiable to put our coffee in a thermos and head out of the office, but also its great for mental health and in doing so we hope to support our local community. Every month we will highlight and talk about our trip, be amazed at how they have adapted to the recent changes in health and safety and try and get more punters to get out and support their local business.

Supporting your local businesses means you are supporting your local economy, simply put it means your money will circulate locally and be spent locally allowing your community to thrive. Its then more likely to increase the need for local work and have a positive affect on the job market in your area. Local businesses have more personality and individual character, they are more innovative and original and can often offer a unique experience alongside excellent customer services.

Our favourite reason is that enjoying attractions in your community will often reduce impact on air pollution. Instead of driving further afield or jumping on a plane, a short trip helps reduce traffic.

On our first #SupportLocal team building trip, creative director Elle and ambassador Pam made the short trip to Warkworth to paddle board with "North Side Surf". Watch this space to find out how many times they fell in and who ended up doing a head stand on the board!

Please contact them at:

"North Side Surf"

jon@northside-surf-school.co.uk or 01665713146

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