May 2022 Newsletter


Our "seed to cup" photo series this month feature Anastacio our Lempira farmer. Here we see him drying the coffee seeds (or beans) after they have had the pulp removed.The coffee is spread on the patio to a depth of 2-3 cm for washed coffees. To facilitate even drying it is necessary to constantly turn (rake) the coffee throughout the day. To complete the drying process for washed coffee the average is between 8 and 12 days. Environmental conditions, patio material and attention to detail will directly affect the process.



This month we blogged about our 200g bag made from compostable material and great for the environment. It starts to degrade after 6 months so be sure to have your coffee moved into an airtight container! The science of PLA packaging is HERE.



Finally, just in case you missed the social media post;

You fantastic customers have finally emptied our warehouse of the much loved Single Estate SHG Arabica Copan . Maybe this is Will packing up the last parcel, maybe it's it's just a nice photo!

THE GOOD NEWS: Copan Harvest 21/22 is on it's way.
THE BAD NEWS: It's by sea freight so there will be a little bit of a wait.
MORE GOOD NEWS: Use the discount below to get 10% off any of our other coffees (200g and 1Kg roasted products).
Use: NoCopan10