March Newsletter 2023

February has been very busy with our work divided between the Roastery here in Northumberland and visiting the coffee regions of Honduras. Co Founder Elle has held the fort in the UK, continuing to roast the coffee to order and dispatch to all of you fantastic customers while Wilmer, the other half of Caribe Coffee Co. is delivering all of the tips we have gathered from our #tippingnotshipping campaign. The visit also includes meetings with national media, coffee associations and the farms and suppliers we work with.

This year we have bought refractometers, moisture testers and pH testers to donate to the small hold farms the we work with currently and hope to in the future. This equipment allows the farmers to test the quality of their coffee harvest in house rather than it being an additional cost to a third party.

Wilmer was also incredibly humbled to meet Abely Cantarero, a lady working in social enterprise called "CIMA" Intibucá - Centro Integral Misión de Amor. (You may notice Intibuca is one of our coffees - it's actually a coffee producing community in South West Honduras). Her business creates natural material fabrics. She works with disadvantaged young adults including those with additional needs, providing a safe and stimulating environment for them to work. This centre allows their parents some respite as well as meaning they feel part of their community. This type enterprise is particularly close to the Co Founder's hearts as they know first hand how challenging it can be to find stimulating and safe spaces for people with additional needs to thrive and be part of something. We are so very lucky here in the UK with the help that we get from social care, these communities have no public funds and rely on the return funds from the enterprise and private donations. You can watch a short video of Wilmer thanking Abely for doing such wonderful work.

Please note the travel expenses and wages were not paid for using the tips, all of which went to pay for equipment or as charitable donations