December 2023 Newsletter


December is here! We can officially put up the decorations AND it's snowing here in chilly Northumberland. Our Central American founder  (Wilmer) is feeling the frost but the rest of us here are throwing snowballs while the roaster heats up!

We have lots of updates for you. Firstly, we have released our "Christmas Gifts" collection which is a range of ideas for potential coffee presents. We have a new Christmas coffee "Festive" blend as well as the return of our Christmas favourites - the Trios! Please keep an eye on the page as we will have some more festive products appearing soon!

If you are sending a gift, be sure to add a complimentary Christmas card (on sales over £20) and personalise it at check out.


You may have noticed a free sample ad doing the rounds on social media or on our website. When we first started Caribe Coffee Co. our strategy was to get as many local coffee lovers to try our coffee as possible. We knew the quality of product would speak for itself and lead to awareness and positivity. We set up at local markets around the North East and Wilmer braved the cold giving out samples of our beautifully brewed coffee. Of course it worked and not only did it begin the growth of our idea but it won us the National Young Market Trader 2019 (groceries) award.

Covid put an end to our Market trading but thankfully our customers have stuck with us online with our excellent coffee and customer service (and FREE delivery of course!). Although happy not to head out to the cold and early mornings we have struggled with how to get our wonderful coffee sample out nationally online. So, we bit the bullet and used our marketing budget on developing a postable coffee packet. We have a limited amount available every Tuesday to subscribers, tell your coffee loving friends to sign up!


To ensure our team can unwind and enjoy their family time during the festive period, the Roastery will be officially roasting it's last batch (closing) on Wednesday 20th December of 2023. We will reopen on Monday 8th January 2024 fresh and ready to go!

Online orders will remain open and any orders made during the closed period will be processed when we return. Last posting dates can be found HERE in the shipping policies page - scroll to updates.


Wilmer was a panellist representing Caribe Coffee Co. as an organisation focused on creating a sustainable future at the Net Zero North East Summit. We saw lots of positives regarding a cleaner, greener NE and UK. The summit continues to face the challenge of the climate crisis at a local and global level as well as celebrating the progress already made. A huge focus was placed on asking suppliers to improve their commitments upstream and helping businesses understand their impact. Well done Wilmer!



We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for sticking with us this year. We look forward to serving you even more delicious coffee in 2024.