Ground rules

Did you know getting the right grind for your coffee can seriously impact how your coffee tastes?

This is due to Extraction.

Extraction is the process of hot water flowing over your grinds and extracting the flavorful goody-ness. Your brew method plays an important part in extraction and you need to chose your grind to suit your brewing to get the perfect extraction....Get it? Got it? Good!

If you under extract your coffee it can taste acidic, sour or salty. This can happen if your grind is too coarse and your brew method is fast, you haven't extracted enough flavour.

If you over extract it can taste bitter because you have extracted too much flavour.

The grinds we offer cover most mainstream brew methods, here's a handy guide to help you get the best out of your specialty coffee.


Fine grind resembles table salt grains. Extraction happens quickly due to the small grain and large surface area accessible to water. Use a fast brew or pressure method such as Espresso machine, Aeropress or Mokka pot.




Medium Coarse is a bit smaller than sea salt granules. This grind is ideal for cafetieres where the water will sit with the coffee to brew a bit longer, you can use it for Aeropress if you leave the water to brew for a few minutes.  This grind is also good for pour overs such as Chemex.




Coarse grind is like ground peppercorns and is the largest grind size we have available. This is suitable for percolators of specifically for making Cold Brew. It's also used for cowboy coffee which is a whole other topic!