Cold Brew

With the weather turning glorious, coffee addicts may be tempted to drink cold brew as a way to stay cool whilst getting their coffee fix. 

 Summer at the Roastery

But did you know it's easy to make and there's no need to purchase bottles of pre packaged cold brew bottles? All you need is a jar, a fridge, some great quality coffee (ahem....) and some time. 

It may be worth getting a few swing or screw top bottles to store your brew.

For those who don't know what Cold Brew is, please note it is NOT iced coffee which is more bitter and is generally served with sugar and cream. With cold brewing there's no hot water involved and it creates a smoother, sweeter brew with minimal acidity and a pleasant taste. Be warned it is rather concentrated so manage your caffeine intake!

We cannot emphasise enough the difference a quality bean will make to a cold brew batch, we use Lempira or La Paz beans for our batches and always get great feedback (and we love it). Cold brew is a slow infusion process and draws the full flavour of the bean so avoid poor quality beans that would lead to a more bitter/sour taste.


Top Tip: Double strain for super smooth cold brew


How to make cold brew

You simply take medium coarse coffee grinds (we can do this for you or grind your own beans) and soak them in cold water for 12 to 24 hours.

We recommend you start with a 1:3 grinds to water ratio (1 cup grind to 3 cups water), this makes a concentrate that you can dilute up to 1:8 ratio to taste. Making a concentrate means it can be easier to store and 1:3 ratio is the perfect recipe for espresso martinis!

After brewing, strain the liquid through your coffee filter (or muslin) and then restrain through filter paper to make it super smooth (this is one of our secrets!).

Store in your fridge to have your drink nice and cold and ready to go and serve over ice for extra chilling. You can mix with milk if you want to but try it black first, if you do feel you need some milk, we recommend oat milk for a creamy sweetness and lower carbon footprint.