Microlot Ocelote

  • L 430.00

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Robinson Leon
A taste of paradise

Right from the moment I opened the eco-bag, this coffee beans filled all the senses, from the silky brown of their beans through the nose. Grinding was like entering a depo of tropical nutty flavours. The cup of coffee resulted from this was sublime, with cherry chocolate at it’s heart but light touches of vanilla rising it’s smoothness. Wish my cup lasted and lasted and lasted, but worry not! I still have more beans in my bag.

Hasel Garcia Pena
Best Coffee ever.

After several tastes of coffee brands from around the world. From Cuba to France, from France to Mexico, Colombia, Switzerland, etc, and the UK. I can guarantee you that all of the coffee brands in Caribe Coffee Co. are the best.

Sarah Mcculloch
Very nice and deep coffee

I've had a lot of different types of coffee but this one is lovely and has a really rich taste of coffee. I can't wait to try the jaguar blend. I will be buying this now as my go to coffee.

Alasdair Perry
Flavourful coffee

Great coffee, good packaging, wonderful aroma. Price point too high for me to switch to using it all the time but a nice treat and good to support small business.

Emma Baker
Lovely smooth coffee

Really delighted with this coffee, both types we bought are full flavoured and smooth. Love knowing where it’s from, it’s organic, and that the profits don’t go to a large corporation. Will definitely order more soon.