Our vision

We love coffee and so do the consumers that drink more than 3 billion cups of coffee every day.

But we don’t just sell any old coffee, we sell exceptional coffee, specialty standard Q graded 84 and above. And it’s not only about the coffee, it’s about the producers, sustainability and ethical business practice. For us, a successful business isn’t just about profit, it’s about the three Ps; People, Planet and Profit. For too long a lot of coffee commodity has been so low a price it has become referred to as a poverty crop. Combined with added costs of production many farmers have diversified which has led to the concern that demand will exceed supply by 2050. Rather than diversify some farmers have chosen to plant a better quality of crop and demand a higher price. Many farms have created their own co-operatives to reduce intermediaries in the supply chain and ensure they receive a fair price for their hard work, these are the type of farms Caribe Coffee Company work with.

As we have direct ties with Central America, we too can cut out unnecessary intermediaries by direct importing; this means we can keep our prices for such a high calibre bean competitive at the consumer end without compromising the producers.

“It’s the only way for us to survive. Coffee prices are now consistently so low, that we would have been forced to stop if we hadn’t discovered the benefits of proposing high grade coffees to our partners.”  Jaime Mauricio

Closer to home we are passionate about local, independent business and supporting our community, we believe businesses should support each other on their journeys and help their communities. We also encourage and talk about a healthy lifestyle and believe coffee can be part of improving health, for a start specialty coffee is often enjoyed without the extra calories of sugar and cream!

We are also committed to adding value to our planet instead of consuming and taking, we aim to use completely home- compostable and biodegradable packaging in the near future (don’t worry....we currently use recyclable packaging but this is something that keeps us awake at night). 

We are always thinking of extra things to do to add value, here are a few things to date;

  • We’ve added a tips section to our check out that raises funds that go directly to the farmers and their families. These funds provide equipment to improve farming practice and in turn making their lives a little easier.
  • We’ve adopted a Jaguar through the WWF for our Jaguar coffee customers.
  • We donated to the WWF for every Christmas gift pack bought
  • We sponsor a local football academy that provides kid’s football training
  • We have coffee ambassadors that represent a healthy and outdoor lifestyle
  • We offer refill coffee to our local customers with our click and collect shop to reduce packaging