September Coffee Catch Up

Do you say Espresso or Expresso?!

The correct pronunciation of “espresso” is an age-old argument that coffee enthusiasts have been having for years! But as it turns out, those who call it an “expresso” aren’t entirely in the wrong.

The Italian term espresso means “expressed” or “pressed out”. This is because espressos are made by forcing very hot water under high pressure through finely-ground coffee beans. So, while the correct pronunciation is ES-presso, you can see where people are coming from.

Supply Chain

Shortages! supply chain crisis! We see this in the coffee industry ALL of the time which is why you may see changes in coffee prices from time to time. Only recently we had a frost in Brazil and transport closures in Vietnam due to Covid and we have certainly seen prices rises, we were interviewed on BBC 5 Live earlier this month.

Small Biz 100

Very pleased to say we were welcomed into the reputable "Small Biz 100" 2021 campaign, a nod to well ran and hard working small businesses across the UK. A business is highlighted every day in the run up to "Small business Saturday" which is their day to celebrate and promote the use of small independent businesses. We can be found on September 8th!

Dept. for BEIS

We were contacted by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy who asked us to be involved in their campaign to get small business to commit to net zero. Whilst there was interest from SMEs across the UK they were keen to get more involved and of course, we said yes - figuring we all need to do "our bit" to help reduce our carbon footprint.

It is important to say, that whilst the 5-6 million small businesses in the UK do obviously stand to make a difference to the Carbon footprint of the UK and we are passionate about playing our part, we feel it is important to maintain pressure on our government and the large corps by all of us asking questions and choosing to use sustainable providers where possible.

Morpeth Cricket Club

Another local collaboration! Morpeth Cricket Hockey and Tennis Club is now stocking out specialty coffee. Based 2 miles north of Morpeth Northumberland, the club offers sport for juniors, adults and seniors from beginner to national levels. Visit the website - for more information and contact details for each of the sections.

The Clubhouse is surrounded by protected woodland, with a ‘sun trap’ of a beer garden and adjoining a large grassed playing area, it is the ideal setting for any event. From quiet drinks with your family, to a catch up with friends, to even larger events such as a birthday parties, Christenings, a celebration of life or a wedding.

There is ample space for structures such as Marquees and the area is suitable for barbeques. They have loads of things coming up for families so check out their facebook page and give them a follow!

Morpeth Bike Shop

Finally we are excited to announce our partnership with Fritanga, a columbian restaurant and we are opening up a cafe in the very near future in the Morpeth Motorcycle shop, a well known location for breakfasts and comfort food. We will email out opening times and would love to see you there! WATCH THIS SPACE.