May 2023 Newsletter

Blend response

We were blown away with the positive response to our new release the Pacific Blend. Repeat sales throughout the month meant that stock of one of the Microlot components has dropped so low we were forced to "sell out" the blend but rest assured it will be back in the future. We had some lovely photos sent in of some fantastic cremas and of course reviews of the fantastic flavour!










The good news! we've been working away on our next blend "Atlantic" which is available in our shop from May 1st. As always our email subscribers will receive the product of the month discount which will give you 15% off Atlantic.

 "Monsieur, with this Caribe Coffee you're really spoiling us"

We were very honoured to represent Honduran coffee at the Lord Mayor's Easter banquet (very fancy!). Caribe Coffee Co's Jaguar Microlot was served to over 400 ambassadors and diplomats at this prestigious, annual event held in London. The Honduran Ambassador, a big fan of our coffee (!) tweeted:

"Very proud that at the Easter Banquet offered by the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Honduran coffee from the Caribe Coffee Company of the Honduran Wilmer Carcamo and his wife was offered. It was attended by the Diplomatic Corps, Ministers and Parliamentarians."

Rural business

Did you know we are a rural business? Our neighbours are sheep and our coffee chaff goes to the neighbour's chickens as bedding. Living in amongst the countryside is a privilege but comes with its challenges. Access to suppliers and customers can take a wee bit more effort. We do enjoy an excellent small business community up here in Northumberland and as part of that have meet ups and networking where we get to meet other like minded businesses, keep up positivity, access new ideas and and contacts.