April 2022 Newsletter

Our "seed to cup" picture this month was taken at the finca of Jose Erasmo, our 'Intibuca' farmer. As you can see the coffee trees grow amongst other types of trees. Specialty coffee encourages biodiversity and is better for the soil as well as adding to the flavours found in your coffee. Intibuca is grown organically which means the farmers avoid the use of chemicals to control weeds and pests and instead use manual techniques. We love the sign Jose has up here which translates as "avoid forest fires to care for the fauna".

This month Wilmer attended the introduction to International Congress for Latin American Entrepreneurs and gave a talk about his experience setting up Caribe Coffee Co. in Northumberland.

Elle and Wilmer also took a trip to Blackpool to support the National Market Traders Federation meeting which is the organisation that works to develop and support markets around the UK, particularly encouraging younger and new businesses to use markets as a way to start their businesses - which is exactly where Caribe Coffee Company started! 

With the weather warming up we thought it would be great to remind you that our coffee makes fantastic Cold Brew (especially Lempira!), Cold Brew is NOT iced coffee, its longer brew time with cold water means your brew is very smooth and perfect for a sunny afternoon. We fished out an old video (have a chuckle!) about it as well as our HOW TO.