A company vision isn't just about selling a product well and pleasing it's customers. It's about what we value, what we stand for and how we want to give back.

Mainly we want to sleep well at night...

We want to provide a coffee of excellent quality to independent coffee shops; by offering the best value we hope to improve their bottom line and therefore the lives of the small and medium business owners across the UK.  

As we grow, we aim to use 100% recyclable packaging (our small and medium bags are currently 100% recyclable) and continue to support the farming cooperatives in Honduras. We are also 100% committed to sourcing and using local services in Northumberland, Elle's home county.

We have had so much love from our community since returning to the UK and ultimately Will and Elle want to give back. Will dreams BIG and in time hopes to set up a charity to support the families of children with disabilities. Elle's focus is on eradicating the use of plastic and hopes to support charities working toward a cleaner planet.