Luis Diaz "Microlot OCELOT"


Luis Diaz is the farmer of our Microlot Ocelot from Cofradia in the San Miguelito, Intibuca. When he was 13, Luis's father abandoned his mother and his younger siblings. He left school to help him mum raise the children and amazingly he took charge over several of the farm plots.

He started cultivating coffee with 700 coffee trees on his plots of land. His first harvests were sold in cherry to an intermediary from la mision village that came to their house to pick up the coffee. After many years of working together, he and his mother bought a pulping machine, built a wooden box to pulp out the coffee  and wash it themselves. 

Luis got married 10 years ago to Maria Bautista and that same year he inherited another plot of land from his mother, with an area of 2.79 hectares which he has been cultivating without chemicals and naturally. Luis's farm is involved with reforestation projects to plant fruit trees and sustainable timber.

This is one of Luis three children on their patio overlooking the coffee trees.

You can read about and buy Luis's coffee HERE.