August Coffee Catch up

What is Q Grading?

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA) created the Q Grade Program in 2004 to help provide a consistent, credible and verifiable evaluation process that is used globally to evaluate Arabica coffee. 

Coffee is scored on various qualities like aroma, flavor, and texture. This score is then used to help determine the value of that coffee. Similar to wine culture's sommeliers,  "Q-graders" undergo rigorous training including a week long intensive exam and gain credentials from the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI)

The term 'Specialty coffee' (as with all of our coffee) is used to refer to coffee that is graded 80 points or above on a 100 point scale by a certified coffee taster (SCAA) or by a licensed Q Grader(CQI).

Trail Blend Coffee Launch

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Stoked Casual Wear, a  Mountain Biking clothes retailer ran by Andy and Danielle, a husband and wife with a passion for mountain biking and the great outdoors, they are also massive coffee fans. You can read more about their clothing line on their website Stoked CW.

The idea behind the blend was to create a coffee with the kick that mountain bikers need before they ride to reach maximum performance (a natural and healthier alternative to caffeinated, energy drinks) but is also well balanced, low bitterness and with sweet notes so it can be enjoyed without milk or sugar when out on the road.

Eco Morpeth

THANK YOU to our lovely customers who have recommended us to Eco Morpeth, a fantastic low waste refill store in Morpeth. We are now supplying our specialty coffee for you to head in and fill your jars up!

Eco are stocking a 10 Kg bucket full to the brim of freshly roasted Copan beans!

As you know, we roast right here in Morpeth and are a mile and a bit away from the store. Keeping it local improves the local economy and importantly reduces our carbon footprint. Eco is our third sustainable refill store that we supply to, we are super proud of this, the less packaging the better!

Fit Quid

You can now find our coffee on the health and wellness app FitQuid. We are so passionate about coffee being part of a healthy lifestyle and are always keen to encourage activity and community. You can learn more about FitQuid on our own page HERE but essentially you can earn "fit quids" through health and wellness challenges and spend them in their shop to buy goodies (such as our coffee!). It's a brilliant idea and has received excellent feedback from their testing partners the Royal Marines Charity (RMA).