Our latest interview with Abriendo Brecha

In this interview, Wilmer was asked to talk about his childhood and what opportunities led him to where he is today. His story was described as inspiring to the young generation struggling in Honduras. 

When asked about memories of his childhood, Wilmer talks about working in construction, in carpentry and for a welder. He recalls how he rode a bicycle around La Ceiba after school delivering tortillas at 12 years old. 

Wilmer took advantage of an invite to see family in The Cayman Islands after he finished school. The standard of living was much higher there and even though he couldn't speak English he decided he would work very hard and take any opportunity he could find to stay there.

Wilmer's accountancy degree was not recognised abroad so he started working as a shelf stacker and cleaner at a supermarket. He learned to drive the forklift trucks in the warehouse and became involved with many aspects of stock control. His hope was to learn so much he could succeed in the company. He studied English in his own time and began to make opportunities happen; in a short few years he ended up in a store management position.

The idea to import coffee came from Wilmer being proud of his roots and knowing that Honduras exports some of the best coffee beans worldwide. Even though the quality is not recognised internationally compared to other South and Central American countries his goal became to promote Honduran Coffee in the UK. 

Wilmer talks about how he feels he is in a dream sometimes; he never thought he would get to see London or the castles in Scotland. Although Wilmer knows he has come along way he still has a lot to do; his mission in life is to help others; "when I help more people, then I will be satisfied".

When asked what advice Wilmer has for young Hondurans he says: "Never give up, life gives us different roads and we decide which road to take. We are the author of our own story no matter who we are or or where we come from. I believe you can get as far as you dream. I was born into a poor family with many difficulties but I built my own road, I wrote my own story. It sounds cliche but if we have a negative outlook we will stay still but if we start to open doors in our minds, we can make things a reality. Just dream and work hard on those dreams."