Bean Show Case, "Specialty-Copan" House Bean

Introducing our "house" coffee bean, Specialty-Copan. "Copan" actually refers to a area situated within the Celaque region in Honduras. Even though it is the house coffee, our Copan bean is still the speciality high grow calibre that Caribe coffee offer.

The Celaque Region is the second biggest coffee producing region of Honduras and it has gained lots of international recognition thanks to its fine cup, which features sweet-scented coffees with strong notes of chocolate, caramel and citrus. Its body tends to be bold & creamy, while the aftertaste is lingering and balanced with a delicate acidity.

During cupping we also detected a sweet, smokey note alongside the caramel and chocolate. Enjoy!

District: Celaque

Latitude: Unavailable

Weather: This Region has some of the widest ranges of humidity and temperature - although, with a low 11.5 °C - it can also be one of the coolest producing regions of our country, making its lands very fertile and productive.

Region altitude MASL 1000m to 1900m

Ripe Cherry Colour: Red